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The Year 2011 was a possible turning point for the role played by Innovation and IP in the global economy.

Under pressure from the international crisis, changes have accelerated.
Here are some examples :

In the USA
IP has become a “Driver” of M&A financing, with deals worth many Billions being done predominantly based on IP values.
Corporate Investments have overtaken Financial Investments in Technology Cos.
IP-based TOOLS can now cover the full spectrum needed to facilitate a “Corporate Finance” strategy, thereby changing the role of IP from marginal to central in all Technology or Innovation based activity.

In Europe -
The huge 900 Billion 10-year Budget for Innovation and R&I got restructured in order to favour a new “mix” totally favourable to economies like Italy’s.
The strategic importance of IP in “competitiveness policies” was confirmed by the “EU Patent” efforts which, though not yet successful, will have good impact on European Companies and their IP assets.
Innovation & IP Exchanges to compete with USA’s IPXI and others got further funding.

In Asia - R&D and IP are increasingly seen as “main drivers” of growth and competitiveness.

From these changes, here are examples of MrGI’s CONCLUSIONS and consequent FOCUS :

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