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The founder of the company, Giancarlo Migliori, comes from an investment banking background where he pioneered some of Europe’s Derivative markets (Commodities), now a successful part of the financial markets. An important ‘in the field’ experience to demonstrate that new know-how and financial tools can help modernise sectors and non-financial assets.
The foundation of Mr Good Idea (MrGI) came from his belief that a similar contribution to a fundamental sector such as technology and Intellectual Property was possible as well as essential.

Today that belief has become reality.

Market precedents : after a partnership in London with TMF, at that time a leading American technology hub (a spin-off from Princeton university), G. Migliori co-founded “Banca delle Idee” together with the well-known technology start-up investor Gianfranco Strocchi. BdI remains to this day one of the largest technology portfolio collected from individual and private sources in Italy.

MrGI is a recent company, entirely focused on furthering the innovative and technological elements of our Italian Clients.
We select and adapt the best "innovation tools" available in international markets, add some we structure ourselves, and develop strategies aimed at rendering Italian Enterprises, their Technologies and IP competitive and attractive in the global markets.

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